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Computershare - Integrated Value

An Interview With Jay Mchale, President, US Equity Services, Computershare

Over the past two years, Jay McHale has helped advance Computershare Investor Services in his role as President, Equity Services. After delivering industry-leading service quality and several unique product offerings, the team at Computershare is now preparing to deliver something new to the market: integrated value.

Can you tell us more about the “integrated value” proposition that Computershare has been communicating?

Integrated value is the key concept driving our new client service strategy, which brings together transfer agent, employee plans, and executive services, including software and fully administered plans, as a single Equity Services offering. If a client uses Computershare for multiple services, we will generally have one manager oversee the entire relationship.

Why make this change?

Computershare will be able to better service our clients with continuity of services that many have asked for and many more have been seeking. This new model provides clients with several advantages: a convenient single contact point, easy access to other products and services, comprehensive and coordinated service delivery across all issuer and equity compensation services. We believe we can provide our clients additional value through integrated solutions – integrated value.

Back to your initial focus, service quality. Are you satisfied with where you are?

Our issuers have told us that the most critical aspects of service are consistency and reliability. For more than two years running, our internal metrics indicate that our overall accuracy, timeliness and service levels have been consistently strong. This is a credit to Joe Spadaford, our EVP of Operations and his team, who have implemented Lean Six Sigma to drive continuous improvement. Our US call centers received special recognition this year by receiving the 2009 NICE Customer Service Award — a national award bestowed by an independent panel of call center quality experts.

Our high service quality is also reflected in shareholder survey scores, which have exceeded 90% satisfaction, well above the industry average. The feedback we receive directly from our clients has also been excellent. More than 90% of our diverse client base rate Computershare favorably or very favorably on client service evaluations conducted by an independent financial industry research firm that receives feedback from over 50% of our issuers each year. These results are rewarding, and we are pleased with the quality and reliability we provide to our corporate clients and their investors, but we’re not satisfied.

Currently, we’re exploring ways to transform how service is provided in the industry, introducing new processes and products, to the benefit of our issuers and their shareholders.

Please tell us about your product philosophy at Computershare?

We’re committed to providing unique, end-to-end solutions to our clients. This includes increasing the product and service options that our issuers can offer their shareholders, as well as providing alternatives that allow issuers to create custom programs that are aligned with and support their corporate goals.

Our product suite sets us apart from other service providers – none can match the diverse array of solutions we provide to support companies throughout their corporate life cycle. We are pleased to have been able to deliver several new and enhanced products and services during this past year. For example, in response to issuer feedback, we launched a new service model called “Essential Registry” designed to meet the specific needs of smaller issuers. To help issuers take full advantage of the potential cost savings related to the SEC’s new e-proxy rules, we created a full suite of proxy solutions including mixed mailing options and full-featured on-line hosting of proxy and annual meeting materials. Also based upon client feedback, we redesigned Issuer Online – our online tool for issuers so they can easily view and manage shareholder activity – and expanded the number of online reports to help meet the growing expectations bearing down on IR professionals.

To improve convenience for shareholders, we expanded self-service capabilities via the web and automated telephone service. We also rolled-out new service options for shareholders, such as our unique ‘market order sales’ offering, which provides the opportunity to sell shares at the market price, as opposed to waiting for a batch sale later in the day. This option, along with the ability to have funds disbursed in over 70 local currencies, has been very popular and has had a positive impact on how shareholders view the companies that offer this convenient service. These are just a few of many examples, and show our commitment to providing value to our customers.

You have said that your goal is for your customers to become your best source of referrals. Is this happening?

Yes, it is. First, we appreciate our client’s business. We work hard to earn their loyalty and strive to perform so well that they will recommend our services with confidence – whether for an additional service within their firm or to an industry peer. Last year, four out of five clients indicated they would recommend our services. This year, it is nine out of ten. We’re striving for ten out of ten. We want prospects to be able to call any one of our customers and get a good referral. Even then, we won’t be satisfied. We will always strive to raise the bar on service, to introduce new products and solutions, and to continue to meet and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.

Any closing thoughts for our readers?

At Computershare, it is our mission to be the premier company and provider of choice in the industries we serve, delivering best-in-class service to the marketplace and creating unique, end-toend solutions. We listen to what your issues are so we can solve them and help you move forward. Speak to us and tour our operations and communications center. We are confident you will be impressed.

To learn more and find out how Computershare's best-in-class equity solutions can support your company's objectives, contact us today at 888 404 6333 (or visit) http://www-us.computershare.com/